Names of 4 dancers of Move Beyond, new choreographers and rehearsals with Derek Hough, Julianne & Nappytabs

Rehearsals for Move Beyond are in full swing these days! As we can see on the video below, Derek and Jules are both icing their legs after rehearsals…they both have to do everything it’s needed to not get hurt.

Also yesterday, thanks to Nappytabs’ posts, we can see four of the dancers who are going to be on Move Beyond: Zack Everhart, Jr. (Tap dancing), Casey Askew (Contemporary), Emilio Dosal (Popping) and Nick Garcia (Latin-Ballroom).

Except from the rehearsals and everything…we can see cute dogs (Cody and Romie) and adorable little London! Love that kid so much!

In addition to all these, we also got two new choreographers who are involved to the show: Gustavo Vargas and Katelyn Cushing. These two are added to Caley & Kelsey, Gabe De Guzman and of course, Nappytabs and Kyle Hanagami 🙂

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