More interviews and pictures from Derek Hough’s day in New York – March 21, 2017

This was a crazy day full of interviews for Derek! No wonder Derek is exhausted after everything… We already posted a few interviews [Fox & Friends] [New York Live], adding some more below and…I am sure more will pop out the upcoming days πŸ˜‰

The two interviews below are one from the “Cheddar” show (Derek also shared a picture while being there)Β and the other one, is from “Bustle” (thanks for the heads up on this one Marcy). Derek talks about World of Dance and his partnership with Flonase and how he challenges the Eh Bee Family on their Greater Road Trip.
On the “Bustle” interview, Derek also answers fan questions about “I Believe in You” and more. Are we going to see Derek on “West Side Story”….!? PLEASE YES!!! This is a very interesting chat!

And last…based on this post we RTed earlier, seems like Derek was also at the “Harry” show… I can’t find Derek’s name on the line-up of guests yet, hopefully they’ll add him soon.

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