More coverage of “World of Dance” Press Day with Derek Hough, Jennifer Lopez, Ne-Yo & Jenna Dewan

After some first pictures and videos from yesterday, below some more coverage on the NBC Press Day and “World of Dance”.

  • TV Guide has a really beautiful article about it with quotes of what the judges said during the panel. Be sure to read it all…

[Lopez] and her co-stars see the big prize not only as a huge pile of cash but a way of validating the passion and devotion that dancers give to their profession. Hough, certainly no stranger to the work and sacrifice dancers make, said, “We understand the toll it takes on your body, your life. These dancers are risking it all. There are numerous moments in this show where we are gasping, clenching and terrified,” because of the “literally death-defying moves” happening. The intensity wasn’t just on the dance floor either: Hough said that off-camera, judges frequently got into heated debates about contestants.

  • Variety also covers the panel. I really LOVE the fact that Derek was JLo’s choice since the beginning along with Ne-Yo and Jenna! Shows a lot how far he has gone…so proud! An amazing article by Variety!

“We were lucky. I was so fortunate in the projects I’ve been doing over the past years, and to pull together my dream team…these were three first choices. It was like, ‘Can we get Ne-Yo? Can we get Derek Hough? Can we get Jenna Dewan Tatum?’ ” […]

[…] The panel said after a decade of [DWTS & SYTYCD] dance shows, audiences have an appetite for the genre. “Being a part of that movement over the past decade of dancing, I feel like America has been sort of elevated and now this is the never level of a dance show,” Hough said.
Executive producer Benny Medina added, “We are essentially going to do to dance what ‘The Voice’ has done to singing.”

Also coverage from People and Hollywood Reporter. And some more pictures and an extended video of yesterday’s social media posts. Includes at the one more video that Derek posted as well as his video from arriving to New York.

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