Tapping rehearsals with Derek Hough, Caley & Kelsey for Move Beyond and more – March 19, 2017

More and more of rehearsals for Move Beyond as April 19 comes closer. Yesterday, Derek along with Caley and Kelsey were rehearsing some tap dancing. Amazing! Can’t wait for this part on the tour!

Later Derek was at the studio with Jules and District 78 working on some music for the tour while earlier in the day, Derek caught the bird that is responsible for…pooping his car in action (check previous day’s posts). Seems like someone likes watching himself in the mirror 😂😂

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About ifigenia1986

Hello...I am Ifigenia and one of the admins of Derek Hough News! Huge fan of Derek...not only the dancer Derek but everything he is as a person! Such an inspiring human being! Wish I will fly to the US one day and be able to meet him in person!

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