NBC Press Day – “World of Dance” Panel with Derek Hough, Jennifer Lopez, Ne-Yo and Jenna Dewan Tatum

At 2pm PT, the panel for “World of Dance” started during the NBC Press Day. Derek, Jennifer Lopez, Ne-Yo and Jenna were part of the panel along with other members of the crew.

Unfortunately we won’t be seeing dancing from the judges ūüė¶ Time schedule issues per their saying… We are gathering below tweets with Derek’s answers and sme first pictures.¬†Be sure to follow¬†Kristyn, TVMusic Network and World of Dance on their twitter accounts¬†for all the details.

  • “It’s an amazing time for dance.” – Derek Hough (by World of Dance)
  • “Being a part of the movement over the last decade, this is the next level.” Derek Hough (by Kristyn)
  • “There’s definitely disagreements. This is where it makes it interesting. There were mini-battles happening.” Derek Hough (by Kristyn)
  • Derek said they all got along as judges. JLO picked who she wanted & they all were available. All the judges have been dancers so they know what dancers actually have to go through. (by TVMusic Network [1] [2])
  • “You dedicate your life to this art form and these dancers are risking it all.” – Derek Hough (by World of Dance)
  • JLo and Derek Hough have great chemistry on the panel. Can’t wait for this show. (by Kristyn)
  • Derek Hough¬†says that they saw tons of dancers getting injured and they know what they go through which is why the judges are so dedicated (by TVMusic Network)
  • Derek Hough¬†said that the dancers are working with the best so just being on the show is prize it itself. (by TVMusic Network)
  • Derek Hough makes it clear: The passion for dancing exceeds all the risks. (by World of Dance)
  • There are “literally death-defying moves and stunts happening.” – Derek Hough on how intense dancing gets on World of Dance (by Hollywood Life)
  • A dancer could tour with top talent for years & never come close to making the $1 million which is the prize of World of Dance – Derek Hough (by Jim Colucci)

UPDATE: Few more pictures added to the gallery below and a video with the social media posts up to now.

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Hello...I am Ifigenia and one of the admins of Derek Hough News! Huge fan of Derek...not only the dancer Derek but everything he is as a person! Such an inspiring human being! Wish I will fly to the US one day and be able to meet him in person!

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