Derek Hough on the shootings of America Ninja Warrior and air date (?) of the episode

We’ve seen Derek training for this few days back and yesterday we had the shootings of the celebrity special episode for America Ninja Warrior. Thanks to fans and Derek Theler who shared pictures and videos on social media, we can see Derek and other celebrities (Stephen Amell is also participating) during the shootings! We are adding below what we could find.

The episode will be benefiting Red Nose Day. Red Nose is a charity that finds ways to tackle poverty and injustice for children. The event is happening on March 24 but, it’s not confirmed yet if the special episode will also air the same day…probably yes but, we’ll keep an eye on it for official confirmation. To help the cause and learn more about it, you can visit their official site.

P.S. Derek Theler posted a good ~5min videos from last night. I edited and added below only Derek’s parts. Be sure to follow Theler on Snapchat (derekmteller) to see all his videos.