Julianne Hough talks Fitbit Alta HR, Move Beyond, Derek Hough and more

I was trying to post these few days back but for some reason I couldn’t publish the post at the time…then I got busy and totally forgot about them… Well, better late than never 😉

Jules did a couple of interviews at the beginning of the week talking about her partnership with Fitbit, how she remains healthy and more. She also talks about the upcoming tour Move Beyond that she is planning with Derek. Both interviews are very interesting. I am adding below the tour and Derek parts but be sure to read the whole thing.

  • AOL (also includes video)

You’re about to embark on your third MOVE Tour with your brother, Derek. What’s the prep like for such a massive undertaking like this?
It’s insane! I think it’s the most stressful thing I’ve ever done — in a good way. It’s so rewarding in the end, because we create something out of nothing. A lot of artists have an album to promote when they go on tour, so they have their songs already and they create a show around that. We have nothing! We create a storyline and pick songs out of thin air. It’s amazing, because there’s so much to work with, but it’s also so hard because it’s an empty canvas. The beginning of the process is always really hard to figure out what we want to do and what our mission and purpose is behind it all. We can just get up there and dance and that’s fine and entertaining, but we want to make it about more than just coming to watch us. We want a mission behind it.

It’s so special that you and Derek have been able to work together so much over the years. Do you ever feel as if you inadvertently take that for granted?
Oh, absolutely. We’re literally with each other 24/7 and have been for, I feel like, the last three years. We did two tours, and in the meantime I was finishing up my house, so I was living with him between tours. Now he’s working on his house, so he’s living with me and we’re working on the tour again. I’m like, “Babe, we’re getting married soon, so you’re going to get a place before that, right?” [Laughs]

So, anyway, we’re lucky that we get to spend that much time together and that we don’t completely drive each other crazy. There are moments — trust me! — because he’s a creative and off in la la land, and I’m a little more structured. I like to have things in order to create versus just, like, “Let’s just throw out ideas!” Where I’m like, “But where do they go?!” When we work together we’re so different, but it works.

You balance each other out.
Exactly! We help to hone each other i

  • Yahoo (includes beautiful pictures)

What are you most excited about as you prepare for your upcoming tour with your brother Derek?
Oh, my gosh, so we are in the thick of the creation part. It’s been a lot of work, but it’s so fun because this is our third one and we really wanted to set the bar high for ourselves — to do something that we’ve never done before. There’s a through line for the show that kind of tells a story of ups and downs and the struggles of life, but you’ve gotta keep moving, because the more you move directly affects the way that you feel.

How do pick your looks for tour appearances, and how would you describe your style on tour?
We’re really diving into fashion-forward, modern pieces with a flair of sparkle. Derek’s obsessed with rhinestones now, which is so funny.

Who wears more?
I definitely wear more, but he’s like, “Put her in more! Put her in more!” I’ll definitely try to incorporate some interesting pieces. I want to incorporate wigs and headpieces to make it feel like a fully stylized piece and a world that we’re creating, rather than just doing a choreographed number with our same hair and makeup in front of a screen.

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