Julianne Hough & Brooks Laich talk wedding and more on Instagram Live Stream (& Move Beyond Info) – February 16, 2017

Hello everyone…I recorded this two days ago but didn’t get the chance to post it till now 🙂 Jules and Brooks celebrated their three years anniversary on February 16. Jules flew to Canada so they’ll be together. We wish them all the best and to many many years to come being together and happy!

They did an Instagram Live Stream to answer fan questions…hope I didn’t miss much of the beginning 😉 They talk about their wedding and having kids, how they met, the proposal and more.

Jules also says about the MOVE Beyond VIP experience that it will be much different than the previous ones on Move Live on Tour 1 & 2. When a fan asks her to bring MOVE to Mexico, she says that she would love to and that they should think of it… Hmm…not sure if she was just being polite or she meant it…we sure hope they’ll decide to take MOVE outside the US 😀

About DWTS, she says that she should be going back for next season but since she will be on tour, she will have to fly back and forth every Monday for it and…we’ll see.

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