Derek Hough interviewed on the Red Carpet of “Whose Dance is it Anyway?” – February 16, 2017

Finally we have video interviews of the choreographers from the Red Carpet of the “Whose Dance is it Anyway?” event. Below we’ll be adding Derek’s…hopefully we’ll have more 😉

Also adding an article from Variety that we RTed yesterday in case you missed it. It talks about the event and the choreographers.

Hough echoed the excitement about the peer group. “It’s kind of about time. In the last decade, dance has really been put in the forefront and there’s so much choreography in television right now, not just in reality competition shows, but in sitcoms and film and TV,” Hough said. “It’s everywhere, and I feel that choreographers have a huge part in creating these moments on television and deserve that sort of recognition.”

In this first video interview, Derek talks about the event as well as how it was directing, choreographing and starring on Michael Buble’s music video “I Believe in You”. You can find more interviews from the rest of choreographers at the Red Carpet Report YouTube channel.

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