Caroline shares her thoughts after reading Derek Hough’s “Taking the Lead: Lessons from a life in motion”

Caroline is a long time fan of Derek’s from Norway and she recently got the chance to read his book “Taking the Lead: Lessons from a life in motion”. She was kind enough to share with us her thoughts after reading it. How the book made her feel and what she was taught by it and Derek.

Below an excerpt of what she wrote, you can read the whole thing on her blog. Thanks girl 🙂 You can buy Derek’s book on Amazon [Hardcover] [Paperback] [Kindle].

“This book has affected me in many ways I dont know how I can explain, but I will try. I bet everyone here has thought to themself “I can never do that” or “I am not good enough for that”, I know I have. He taught me to let that go and that you can do anything you set your mind to, if you have a goal you can reach it. I go by this everyday…”

Finally i finished reading the book . And what can i say ? Did i stop crying ? No i Didnt . Its Amazing to see how many ups and Downs you had and yet still managed to keep going . I dont know how you do it. Thats One of many reasons why you are my inspiration .its not about winning or loosing .Its about feeling confident and proud of yourself . Thank you for Writing such a beautiful book . I dont think i've ever felt more inspiared after reading a book . This book thaught me so Much especially that you shouldnt give up . You have to keep Trying no matter what you face in life . Thank you for being my inspiration . Thank you for letting me know more about you're life Trought This book . And thank you for being awsome . I cant wait to see all you're new projects .i'll always be your fan❤ @derekhough

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