The story of “An American in Paris” – Derek Hough talks about the musical & Gene Kelly

This is an AMAZING write up from Entertainment Weekly and Joe McGovern about the musical “An American in Paris” with Gene Kelly.

Among the people who talk about the musical and Gene Kelly is Derek. Below you can read Derek’s parts but be sure to read the whole feature! It’s a must!!

A version of this feature is also included in the Oscar Preview issue of Entertainment Weekly that you can buy online here. You can also find it on newsstands.

In the finale’s lustiest segment, Kelly and Caron dance in a ripe romantic embrace on a fountain. “That scene is the difference between the sexual and sensual,” says Derek Hough (NBC’s upcoming World of Dance, formerly of Dancing With the Stars). “It leaves more to the imagination, and we’re more than capable of filling in the blanks.” Adds Patricia Ward Kelly, “The sequence is pure lovemaking. Several countries figured it out and that piece was cut because it was considered too risqué.” […]

[…] “When I’m watching Gene Kelly,” says Hough, “it doesn’t feel like he’s in an older film. That charm and that athleticism feels like now.”

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