Reviews about Derek Hough’s video “Breathe You”

The release of Derek’s latest project “Breathe you” enchanted not only the fans, but the press too, at least that is what why get from the reviews and mentions that we found this far. And for good reason, considering that the video is simply art in motion, an art created and brought to life by Derek in collaboration with Travis and Chantel Aguirre. So, let’s see what the press has to say about it:

“Last year, I was scrolling through my social media channels, and I found the most peculiar thing: two of my favorite Emmy-winning choreographers, Derek Hough and Travis Wall, were collaborating on a colorful secret project. It turned out that the project was a music video for Derek’s latest single: “Breathe You.” While the tune is mostly instrumental, Derek does sing a few strands of the lyrics: “I’ll breathe you. I’ll hold you down. I’ll let you…get off the ground.” While the track is very poignant, its music video is the actual star. The future World of Dance judge and Shaping Sound Dance Company cast member Chantel Aguirre brilliantly interpreted the men’s choreography and I think will inspire viewers to show their love, because to quote the Beatles: “Love is all we need.” Congrats, Derek, Travis, and Chantel, this music video is my blog’s very first Music Video of the Week! A+

  • Country Rebel invites everyone to fall in love with Derek’s “sensual new music video to his artistic song “Breathe You.” And, we did! Click on the link for the full article!

“He dances, he acts, and sings? Fall in love with the multi-talented Dancing With the Stars veteran, Derek Hough’s, sensual new music video to his artistic song “Breathe You”. Hough wrote and recorded the song four years ago and rediscovered the track when going through old stuff, prompting him to hit the studio and shoot the video. The video features Hough and Chantel Aguirre dancing in the throes of romance as bright colors burst through both of their bodies.”

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