The Hough family photoshoot featured in an article about T.J. Drechsel

T.J. Drechsel, a travel and destination photographer who is behind the latest Hough family photoshoot in Utah, talked to Port City Daily right after his return from Utah. This was his fifth visit to the Rocky Mountains.

Check out below excerpts of the interview but be sure to read the whole article and watch the beautiful pictures he shared there.

“When you cross the plains in Kansas and start flying into Colorado, the contrast in landscape is just beautiful. I told my friends out there that Wilmington is a very nice place to live. But we have hills. They definitely have mountains.” […]
[…] “There is Park City, which is where I was but then they have all these connecting canyons. It really is the best place in all of Utah to snowboard or ski. I would say it’s up there with Vail, Breckenridge and all the other spots in Colorado that everyone talks about.”

About the Houghs…

“They are pretty down-to-Earth Hollywood people. […] There was Julianne, Derek, their mother and three sisters. It was the first time they had all been together in a really long time and I had my camera with me so the whole photo shoot came together organically.”
“I didn’t ask [for dance lessons], but I am sure they would have. I don’t know. Snowboarding in the Rockies can be dangerous but it’s probably nothing compared to dancing the tango.”

One thought on “The Hough family photoshoot featured in an article about T.J. Drechsel

  1. Please inform me of tge next opportunity to get a ticket to the World Of Dance taping. Ive been a huge fan for years!! Thank you.


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