Hough family photo shoot in Utah with Derek, Julianne mom and sisters by T.J. Drechsel

The last few days, Derek, his mom and his sisters are sharing some amazing photos of them while being in Utah for the Christmas and New Year’s holidays.
The photos are so beautiful that we had to make a separated post for them, so they are all gathered in one place. If they post more, we’ll try to add them here. Marabeth also shared a video related to the photo shoot including many of photos.

The photographer is T.J. Drechsel and you can follow him on Instagram and Twitter or visit his official site for more of his work.

UPDATE: Huge thanks to Maria for the heads up on this! The photographer posted many more pictures of the photoshoot on his website. Since those are not posted on Instagram by the Houghs, I won’t add them below. Be sure to click here to see them all! A really amazing photoshoot! And I love the little intro at the beginning, that he also shared on his Instagram.

The final shoot of 2016 was a treat indeed. I had the honor of capturing a cool family reunion. It had been some time since the Hough family had a chance to get everyone together for family captures but sometimes the universe aligns and yours truly was there with camera in hand to capture a family celebrating their love. Got to shoot at a beautiful wedding and destination venue of La Caille, a French restaurant in an elegant, château-style setting in Salt Lake City. You may recognize Derek and Julianne from their work on Dancing with the Stars, Hairspray Live and Grease Live. While celebrity in status, they were each beautifully down-to-earth and real in-person. Katherine, Marabeth and Sharee added some fun spice to a fantastic shoot and all for their sweet mom, Mariann. A wonderful way to close the books on 2016. Adding to the resume! The family is one of nature’s masterpieces. ~George Santayana @tjdrechselphotography

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