Family fun with Derek and the Houghs continues in Park City, Utah – New Year’s Eve & January 1-2, 2017

It just never stops snowing in Park City, right? How beautiful is this and how much fun for the whole Hough family being together. Seems like they spend 80% of their time outside in the snow and I don’t blame them 😉 Inside fun though is also great with games, cooking and more!

With a little delay for some videos, check out below all the videos and pictures that were posted on New Year’s Eve and the first two days of 2017.
Also adding part of Derek’s live stream on Instagram that HappyHough managed to record (thanks girl) and the videos from December 29-30, 2016 that we couldn’t upload the first time. For the pictures, you can check the relevant post. I still can’t get over Derek holding little Greta! ❤

Among all, we also had a Shawnough reunion! Love it! 😀


And this is how you stay young… wahooo… #playtime #laugh #games#siblings

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