Derek & Julianne Hough arrive at New York for Press Week – Christmas Special & Move (?)

Yesterday, Derek and Jules flew to New York for, as it seems, a press week. Till now, we know they will appear on “The Chew” on Wednesday and on “Rachael Ray Show” on Friday. They will sure have more appearances as they are there two days before the appearance on “The Chew”. We’ll keep an eye on them 😉
ETA: They will also be on Good Morning America.

They are there to promote the Disney Christmas Holiday Special that will air on ABC on December 25, 2016 but…from all the signs and the description on The Chew’s episodes, it also seems like they are going to announce the third MOVE Live on Tour! We know that many fans wait for this for a long time so….cross fingers 🙂

P.S. The night before that, they spent a second night in a row working with Nappytabs 😉 Thanks HappyHough for posting the video.

#nappytabs #derekhough #julesHough #paulkarmiyan #antonykin

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