What you need to keep an eye on tonight before and during Hairspray Live!

Yep…the big night is here…finally!!! Only few hours away and we’ll try to gather below what you might want to keep an eye on, except from the live show itself! There are three things you have to keep in mind….

1. Kristin and Sean will host a special 30 minutes pre-show, “Countdown to Hairspray Live!”. The pre-show starts at 7:30 p.m. ET/PT. You can read more about it on Broadway World.

From the backlot of the world famous Universal Studios Hollywood, Chenoweth and Hayes will give audiences one-of-a-kind backstage access to the fun and fast-paced world of “Hairspray Live!” Beginning with the first open casting call to the final rehearsal, the special will explore what it takes to create a live television musical event.

2. During the live show, Darren Criss will be a multi-platform host of a Facebook Live event that will take place simultaneously to the Live Show. Darren will take us behind the scenes and many more. For more details you can also check Broadway World.

So…tune in on Hairspray Live Facebook Page to watch! And as Darren says, tune in on your TV (NBC) and computer (Facebook) at the same time…

Giving fans on all platforms an unprecedented behind-the-scenes look at all things HAIRSPRAY LIVE! while also checking in on live viewing parties around the country, multiplatform host Darren Criss will be the conduit for the millions of fans watching NBC’s monumental three-hour production on the network and as well as for those following the goings-on via Facebook Live.

3. And last, as we posted this morning, the commercial breaks will feature LIVE commercials with the actors of Hairspray Live! including, Derek, who will be part of an Oreo cookies ad. Be sure to keep an eye on the commercials as well 😉

And of course don’t miss the amazing performances from the cast and…don’t forget to sing and dance along with the “nicest kids in town” 😉

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