New interview of Derek Hough and his special message for tonight

In a new interview with The Wrap, Derek talks on the live show tonight and says that statistically speaking, during a live production, something will go wrong, but that’s not a bad thing. Below are some excerpts of the interview but be sure to click the link to read the whole thing.

“If anything, the imperfections are what makes it special” Derek said. So, what is most likely to get goofed up when the camera turns on tonight on 8/7c? Plenty of things, Hough told us – but in his experience, live TV and play screw-ups are never really the parts you worry about pre-curtain, however. […] In this case, there’s one logistical issue that could definitely come back to haunt producers: 40% of “Hairspray Live” takes place outside, on the streets of Baltimore.
“That’s crazy – we’re shooting a full-length feature film basically” Hough told us. “The geography of this show is massive”.

Also, on Today show they had a special message from Derek that was recorded last night during the dress rehearsal on the set of The Corny Collins Show. The live audience of the show was also there. Click on the link to watch the video.
Hairspray Live! also uploaded the video on their YouTube channel…

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