Derek Hough talks to Hollywood Life about Hairspray Live! and Julianne’s advice

Hollywood Life had a short chat with Derek before the broadcast of Hairspray Live! and Derek reveals what he asked Julianne before Grease Live! and how they rehearse non-stop for the upcoming show.

“I actually asked Julianne before Grease, ‘Aren’t you guys nervous?” And she said, ‘No, we’re ready for this! We want to show people this, we’re ready.’ So I hope we feel that way, too. We’re all still a little nervous but hopefully we’ll be ready.”
It’s totally normal to be nervous before such a massive live production like Hairspray. Derek and the rest of the cast have been rehearsing non-stop, and he knows that will only help them on Dec. 7. “Repetition is the mother of all skill, and we’re rehearsing so much that hopefully it’ll be automatic. We’re just in it, we’re just having fun with it,” he continued.

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