People releases a beautiful video of Mark Ballas & BC Jean’s wedding, also feat. Derek Hough

The day of the wedding, People hinted that they would have a feature video of Mark and BC’s wedding and we finally can watch it! 🙂

In a 20 minute video, Mark and BC talk to the camera about how Mark proposed, how they planned their wedding and about the wedding itself. In the second half of the video, Mark introduces his groomsmen and of course his best man, Derek, while they are having the fitting of their costumes. Derek also talks about Mark at about 11:08.
BC also introduces her bridesmaids before we move to the wedding ceremony and the couple talking about their future plans. They want to have a big family and we sure wish them to have it as soon as possible!

Love the short sweet message of Derek at the end… You can watch the full video by going to People.


With a little bit delay due to Hairspray and full news days, here is the edited video of the feature with the Groomsmen and the Wedding part. Be sure to watch the whole thing if you haven’t by clicking the link above.

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