New Interview; Derek Hough: The Nicest Kid in Town

This is a very beautiful read with Backstage Magazine! Backstage was at the rehearsals of Hairspray Live! and talked to Derek about the show, Dancing with the Stars and more! Below is an excerpt of it but be sure to read the whole featured by clicking the link!

[…] But how does he label himself? “As a performer,” he says, giving the question some thought. “You know, you fill out forms that say, ‘What’s your occupation?’ I always just put ‘performer.’ If I’m singing or if I’m acting or if I’m dancing—choreography is different but, in a way, you’re still performing.”

When it comes to dance, Hough claims to be his toughest critic. (“There’s rarely been a time when I’ve been like, ‘Dude, I killed that.’ ”) So let others tell you how great he is: “He’s probably the best dancer of a generation in this country,” states Alex Rudzinski, live television director at “Hairspray Live!” who has worked with Hough on “DWTS” since 2007. “But beyond that, he has this ability to take a scene and see the whole picture—to create a story and to work with camera and light and the art department to create something that is so much more than the individual elements. He embraces so many other mediums to help surround the dance and help showcase it in the best and most inventive way.”

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