More from Mark Ballas & BC Jean’s wedding – November 25, 2016

Just few more things from Mark and BC’s wedding, as we are all waiting for the coverage from People Magazine…especially after this amazing photo of the couple they already posted on their Instagram account! Don’t forget to pick it up this Friday!

Also adding a couple of more pictures of Derek with family and Hayley that we also tweeted yesterday, in case you missed them and a video of Shirley and Corky dancing. For more, you can check our first post.

UPDATE: Two lovely messages from Derek and Shirley…they both got me sobbing! :’) Derek posted it on his Instagram, while Shirley on her Facebook. Posting below Derek’s and part of Shirley’s…be sure to click her Facebook to read it all…

Derek: “Such an honor to be the best man at my brother’s wedding. Witnessing their love be sealed under a beautiful Oak tree in front of family and friends was such a special moment.
Like the tree May you Stand together tall and proud
May you always Go out on a limb for one another.
To Stay grounded and dig your roots in deep so that you may weather any storm.
And always continue to grow, stronger and higher reaching towards the heavens.
And to always enjoy the view.
Love you two”

Shirley: “But the highlight was the heartfelt speech given by best man Derek Hough. What is there to say , you said it all in such a beautiful way. Not a dry eye in the place. The speech was funny charming serious all tied up in one. Delivered from his beautiful heart and soul ,, he delivered it through sincere teary emotions a life time of memories 20 years of love. A speech personal to Mark and then 4 years of knowing Bc , what beautiful inspiring words. This speech and this whole week will be etched in our hearts and minds forever thank you Derek. Know in your heart your delivered a beautiful speech.”

"#DWTS' #MarkBallas and #BCJean's wedding day was beautiful. 💕 |📷: Sydney & Dana Takeshta, London Light Photography" - November 25, 2016 Courtesy people IG

“#DWTS’ #MarkBallas and #BCJean’s wedding day was beautiful. 💕 |📷: Sydney & Dana Takeshta, London Light Photography” – November 25, 2016
Courtesy people IG

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