Derek Hough to perform “Ladies Choice” on Hairspray Live and Ariana Grande & Jennifer Hudson will duet on the finale

As the press conference is moving on, we are learning some more about the live broadcast of the show. According to Playbill, Derek will perform the song” Ladies Choice” on The Corny Collins Show, even though the song was performed by the character of Link on the film adaptation back in 2007.

Also, Jennifer and Ariana will duet on the finale of the show the song “Come So Far (Got So Far To Go)”. Be sure to go to Playbill for more details.

Additionally, it was announced that Derek Hough, who will play Corny Collins in the musical, will sing “Ladies Choice” in this version of Hairspray. The number was originally created for the 2007 musical film adaptation for the character of Link, played on film by Zac Efron. Fierstein said that the number will be performed on The Corny Collins Show, and it will replace the “Madison,” which was used in the original Broadway production.

Choreographer Jerry Mitchell said that he will be utilizing Hough’s dance skills in the number.

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