Derek Hough hosting “Give” – NBC – November 12, 2016 (Video)

Amazing “Give” episode hosted by Derek! You can see how important it was for him and how he felt related to each of those two charities being part of the dancing world and even part of the art and craft world. You can see Derek’s passion, his excitement of helping, witnessing the miracle and being part of this project.

“Give” is a show that highlights the world of philanthropy by featuring stories of non-profits and charities around the country.
The first of the non-profits and charities that Derek visited was the Inner-City Arts. The organization improves children’s chances to thrive by developing creativity, improving academic achievement & building self-confidence. You can find more about it on their official site.
The second one is the “Everybody Dance LA“. Everybody Dance is inspired by the life of Gabriella Axelrad and is a non-profit dedicated to providing high-quality dance instruction to the underserved youth of Los Angeles. You can find more about this non-profit here.

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