More info about the exhibition of Derek Hough’s work at High Sight 30/40

Few days ago, we posted that some of Derek’s work will be shown at the High Sight 30/40 Exhibition. Derek himself mentioned on his last blog for the season on TV Guide, that two of his photography pieces will be on display, signed and for sale!

Now, we have some more info about the exhibition from LAist. The opening reception is this Saturday from 7-9pm and the exhibit will remain on view through December 10. The pieces will be primarily scenic or landscape. If you are in Los Angeles and you have time, you can pay a visit and why not, if you can, you may buy one of Derek’s pieces 😉

For more details about the event, read below.

There’s an opening reception on Saturday from 7-9 pm at The Salon (at Automatic Sweat) on La Cienega for 30/40: A Group Photo Exhibition. The show features works by Norman Reedus, Moby, Suki Waterhouse, Derek Hough and others. The works, which are primarily scenic or landscape, will remain on view through Dec. 10.

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