Derek Hough blogs about his season with Marilu, working on HSL and more

TVGuide just posted Derek’s last blog for this season. On his blog Derek talk about his last dance with Marilu, having Mark back again at the dwts ballroom, the upcomig Hairspray Live! and working with Julianne on the Disney Holidays event.

For the full blog check TVGuide… yes this season is over and he probably wont be back for the next season but we are more then excited about all the other great things he is working on.


          I don’t want to dwell on the rehearsal package again after last week. It is what it is. I would hope that the audience and longtime fans know and understand by now that in a short package, it’s a very faint reflection of the reality of the week. Saying that though, given my schedule this season, the only thing that I think was a bummer was that we weren’t able to do anything out of studio or an environment that wasn’t a dance studio. When you do that, you’re able to see another side to people, where it’s not just you rehearsing and working. I think that in contrast to other packages, which was everyone traveling and doing things and having fun, it’s kind of a bummer. Whenever Marilu and I saw each other, the only time we had was to get the routines down and work as hard and as fast as we can.I think we were both prepared for a possible elimination. After being part of the show for so long, you get a sense of what’s going to happen based on a bunch of things. I think we were both expecting it, but also we’re very proud. Week 9 is nothing to turn your nose up at. She did incredibly well.


If you’re in L.A. this weekend, I will have two photography pieces on display at The Salon on Saturday. I’m very excited — it’s the first time I’ve ever had anything displayed. They’re signed and will be for sale. Photography’s been a hobby and passion of mine for several years, so I’m humbled to displayed alongside other great, inspiring artists.

8 thoughts on “Derek Hough blogs about his season with Marilu, working on HSL and more

  1. It will be so cool if he choreographs something for the finale like he did in season 20 but I doubt he have the time with Hairspray and the Disney special.


    • Yes, that would be awesome! But he is so busy with everything at the moment :/ I guess we’ll remain with the “repeat” dance he will do with Marilu. Anything more is welcome 🙂


        • Hmm…I don’t think Mark said in public the date of his wedding yet but I might have missed it if he did. He said though that it won’t be allowed to have a phone with you to Instagram, Snapchat etc. He and BC want their guests to live the moment in real life and not via the screens. I totally get it.
          The Macy’s Parade is going to be on Thanksgiving Day. I don’t see any reason for Derek to not be part of it but, there is no official list of the which cast members will be in it. I guess everyone will be there.
          You can always check for upcoming appearances the sidebar on our home page or the “Upcoming events” on the main bar at the top of each page/post. We try to keep them both as updated as possible 🙂


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