Marilu Henner & Derek Hough – Post Week 8 Media – ARTICLES

Halloween week is over and Marilu and Derek managed to survive another week! In matter of scores, they didn’t do very well :/ But we know how much Marilu wants to continue her journey and we also want to keep seeing them dancing. So be sure to vote for them!

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Below you can find media coverage from last night. For the videos of the live show as well as pictures from social media, you can click here. You can find HQ pictures here.

Marilu unlocked her secret weapon here… HER LEGS! Like the spider-y backdrop of the dance, Marilu’s stems worked well with the tango for a rebound dance from last week’s unfortunate routine. But it wasn’t a full bounce back. Technically, there were some missteps in there that still need to be ironed out in order for Marilu to be a contender. They’re at the bottom of the scoreboard for a reason, and I feel like we’re just waiting for their names to be called come elimination time.

Marilu took a few steps backwards with her rigid Charleston during “Eras Night,” and both she and Derek are looking to make a comeback. It’s an uphill battle, though, what with Marilu’s ever-increasing foot pain (that’s a lot of tape on those babies), and lots of spider-web work for their Halloween Argentine tango. Marilu doubts herself during rehearsals and it carries over into her performance. She has several missteps and looks uncomfortable during most of the dance. The judges applaud her determination, but remind her to trust her gut and Derek. Speaking of D-Rock, he seemed pretty down tonight, no? Usually the guy is brimming with positivity, but instead he looks defeated after another lackluster performance.

Marilu says she’s not only feeling the physical strains of this tough competition but also the emotional ones. She knows by the past few weeks’ scores that she’s an underdog; plus, she has a painful heel injury. Marilu is doubting herself a lot. Derek Hough tries to encourage her during the rehearsals for their Argentine tango but in the ballroom there are a couple instances where you can tell she got inside her own head. Carrie Ann praised her for coming back with such intensity but did call out the missteps; both Julianne and Bruno told her to trust herself AND her partner.


Marilu Henner was relieved to have made it through elimination night, as swimmer Ryan Lochte was sent home instead. The “Taxi” icon had a difficult time last week as she fell during the group dance.
This week, things were still bumpy as she and partner Derek Hough scored just 23 in their individual dance, the tango, and were beaten in the “dance off” by Ryan Lochte and partner Cheryl Burke.
Footage aired from last week seemed to show tension as Henner asked Hough if they should have rehearsed more and Hough said he’d had more time with her than any of his partners.
But the six time mirror ball winning dance pro told FOX411 backstage he was merely reassuring Henner. Hough said, “I want to clarify that. My comment was not to be rude but to say, no, no, no. We’re putting in the hours. The hours are there.”

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