Marilu Henner & Derek Hough – Post Week 7 Media [ARTICLES]

Last night was not the best for Team Hennergy in matter of scores despite Marilu and Derek doing their best in both Charleston and Team Dance! So be sure to keep voting for them…they need us more than ever to survive the Halloween Week next Monday.

Derek also reveals that next week, he and Marilu have Marilu’s best dance and the one she was really waiting for to do; the Argentine Tango!

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Below some articles from last night. For pictures and videos from the live show, be sure to check our original post of the night here. HQ pictures of the night, here.

  • Glamour (be sure to check the beautiful picture as well at the end of the post)

Backstage, Marilu was quick to brush off her incident on the dance floor. “I’m OK. I fell on my butt, and that’s like the best place to fall,” she joked to Glamour. “My feet have been the drama this week, so my butt is fine. It’s the roller coaster of Dancing with the Stars!”
Derek Hough wasn’t shocked by all the missteps from much of the cast. “I think it’s getting to that point where people are tired and getting injured and certain things, so it’s making the performance a little less sharp and clean.” As for his own performance with Marilu, “tonight was hard,” admitted Derek. “There was a few mistakes, and when you have one, you can kind of overlook it, but when there are five or six, you can’t really overlook it. We watched it back, and there were clear moments when something wasn’t right or something was off.”
As much as Marilu is enjoying the DWTS experience, “this is harder than childbirth!” she exclaims. “I had such an easy childbirth. I was dead asleep, and then I had a baby in my arms after an hour and 13 minutes. This is so much harder.”
Next week is a chance for Team Hennergy to redeem themselves, and Derek is pretty sure he knows just the dance to do it. “We have the Argentine tango, and I feel like of all the dances, this could be a very good one for Marilu.”

Charleston: Marilu once played Roxie Hart in a production of Chicago, so she’s feeling the Charleston. Derek, on the other hand, is having trouble with the two-dance week. Derek is super old now, so it takes him a few seconds to pick up choreography, rather than zero seconds. We don’t feel bad for you, you glorious starfish. Unfortunately, Marilu may have overcompensated for feeling comfortable in her dance style. The judges go easy on her, but overall, the majority of the 1920s number looked out of synch and low-energy. Bruno points out the end was a big ol’ mess. They did capture the essence of the decade, though, plus Derek did some tap dancing. There are also points to be had for tap dancing.

TeamFuture: The ladies are feeling pretty good about their chances as they let their male pros get to work on the choreography for their theme of apocalyptic young-adult novel. Things get a little tense in rehearsals when they try to put something together despite crazy travel schedules. Terra is having the toughest time. The other pros don’t know how to choreograph for her, so they have to explicitly ask permission to put in certain steps or Sasha has to have them constantly change things. Terra’s embarrassed and doesn’t want to hold her team back, but they eventually work it out. The concept is cool, but maybe not as effective from my seat. Carrie Ann points out that because the theme called for no facial expressions, all the judges had to look at were the shapes, a lot of which weren’t in sync. It’s not as clean as Team Past.

Despite his very solid track record of winning team dances, Derek’s team lost this time around. Derek was on Team Future, which included Laurie, Jana, Terra and Marilu. They performed a routine loosely based on teen dystopia stories such as Divergent and Hunger Games, but it never really gelled. In contrast, Team Past, which included James, Ryan, Calvin and Maureen, went bold with a Viennese waltz to a folk song from the 1700s that happened to also be the theme to Outlander. In the end, Team Future clocked in with 35, while Team Past earned 38.

After delivering magnificent performances two weeks in a row, the former Taxi star seemed to backslide into her tense, anxious ways during the Charleston. Despite her experience with this dance style, thanks to her past gig as Chicago‘s Roxie Hart, Marilu failed to bring the lighthearted playfulness that the Charleston requires. And although Marilu and Derek may not have noticed at the time, they were painfully out-of-sync during the middle of the number, which was only effective if it was properly synchronized.

It was a 1920s Charleston for Marilu and Derek. This week, it was Derek who showed more stress during rehearsals and he says he was able to empathize a bit more with what Marilu has been going through. Len called the dance fun and entertaining and thought it captured the ’20s vibe, even if the couple did lose some synchronicity along the way; Julianne felt transported to the era but applauded Marilu for keeping up with all the younger competitors this season.

Marilu Henner hit the ballroom floor—literally—on Monday night’s episode of “Dancing with the Stars.” On week seven of the competition, the former “Taxi” star, 64, fell hard during her futuristic team dance. After separating from a hold position with partner Derek Hough, viewers saw her go down and then slide out of camera range.

Backstage, good sport Henner explained to reporters, “That was so weird because it was like, I dipped and then I was on the floor but I fell on my butt so that’s fine. That was an easy thing. Henner laughed to FOX411, “I felt like I was skiing. It was a ‘yard sale’—when you lose your poles, your skis, your hat, your gloves.”    

Longtime pro Hough thought the live TV mishap happened because “her feet have been kind of sore so I don’t think she’s been as sure footed.” Hough said that Henner, who also performed the Charleston as her individual dance Monday, “did something to the back of her heel” during practice and he recommended a doctor she is consulting.

“I might have to get a little pain shot or something,” Henner said backstage after the show. The actress revealed she had received a shot from another doctor in her ARM just before Monday’s show—which didn’t help her feet at all! “I called him an hour into it and I went, ‘It had no effect,’ ” Henner said.

Marilu and Henner during the press line – Courtesy: Glamour

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