Derek Hough blogs about this week’s Charleston, Team Dance, Marilu Henner and more

Another great blog on TV Guide from Derek this week. I know…many might start worrying that Marilu and Derek didn’t have a full rehearsal yet due to their busy schedule but, be positive people! I am sure they will get through it and we’ll see an amazing Charleston on Monday!

Derek also writes about the team dance, Hairspray reahearsals (starting today!) and Mark’s debut on Broadway! Be sure to read it all on TV Guide!

This week is going to be pretty fun. It’s Eras Week and we have the Charleston. I had a really busy day Wednesday. I was doing another project for something else all day, so I wasn’t able to see Marilu, but I went in last night and choreographed the routine. After I get done with Hairsprayrehearsals today, I’m going to go over and rehearse with her. So to answer the question you’re probably thinking: No, we haven’t gone through the whole routine yet! Tonight will be the first time. I think it will be fine. I’m trying to stay ahead of the game and pre-plan so that way tonight when we finally rehearse, we can go full at it. I put a little surprise in there as well. […]

[…] The concept is kind of a common futuristic story. The routine starts in a world where we’re all kind of the same, but as it progresses into our solo sections, it breaks free and showcases everyone’s personalities. It’s more of a rigid, grid-line, oppressed beginning and by the end, it’s a more expressive, individualistic oasis. I’m having flashbacks of my futuristic paso with Joanna Krupa! That was the first time “future” was introduced into the show, which is kind of hilarious when you think about it. Everyone had a past or current decade and we had the future!

6 thoughts on “Derek Hough blogs about this week’s Charleston, Team Dance, Marilu Henner and more

  1. I’m not worried. I think they will be fine. It happen before when he had a little time of rehearsal and the routine turns up awesome. It’s not like he didn’t have idea. Looking foward to the team dance


      • it happens with Amber and Nastia so i don’t worry either. Just hope he doesn’t injure himself like the last time he did two things at the same time. I wonder what’s the surprise that he talks about.


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