Marilu Henner & Derek Hough – Week 6 Latin Night Live Show [PICS & VIDEOS]

Hey everyone! Latin Night is only an hour away! Are you all ready for lots of fun and dancing!? Marilu and Derek are dancing the Cha Cha dressed in pink tonight and from the sneak peek we got earlier, they look amazing! Can’t wait!

The post contains SPOILERS!!!

Don’t forget to VOTE for them by calling 1-800-868-3408
and online on ABC and/or Facebook!
You have 9 votes PER phone and account!

Below some first things of the night. We’ll be updating this post during the live show so, be sure to keep an eye on it 😉


Woo hoo!!! Marilu and Derek are safe!!! Check out the moment they are called safe below! 😀


They KILLED that Cha cha!!! Loved it!! 😀 Way to go Team Hennergy! Please keep voting for Marilu and Derek! Watch their Cha cha below. We’ll update with HQ videos later tonight or tomorrow.


And also added below Marilu and Derek’s chat on All Access with Dominic! They are HILARIOUS!! Love that telenovela part!!! 😀 Too bad we can’t hear Derek’s song due to copyrights :/ Be sure to check the video below!

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