Marilu Henner & Derek Hough – Most Memorable Year – Week 5 [ARTICLES]

I know we said it many times till now but…last night was amazing for Marilu and Derek! Loved their Viennese Waltz!! Despite their good scores though, they still need our votes to survive next week!

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Below some coverage from online articles about last night… For HQ pictures you can click here, while for the live show pictures and videos you can click here and here respectively.

Marilu chose 1978 and considered it the best of times and the worst of times because it was the year her mother passed away and she booked Taxi. I don’t even know if I heard half of what happened next because the entire press room was crying, and rightfully so. Marilu’s story about her mother (who was a dance teacher and died from complications related to rheumatoid arthritis) was so moving, Marilu could have chosen to sit on the floor the entire dance, and I still would have thought it was an extraordinary performance.

A close second [to James and Sharna] were Terra Jolé and Sasha Farber, as well as Marilu Henner and Derek Hough. […] Marilu — after a rocky few weeks — had a major comeback when she and Derek did a routine in honor of 1978, the year her mother died and Marilu booked her life-changing role on Taxi. For their routines, both Terra and Marilu earned a whopping 27 points.

Marilu had some tough notes from the judges following her paso doblé. She was tense and awkward, and it showed in every movement. When she and Derek have a little rehearsal heart-to-heart about it, Marilu admits to feeling awkward because she’s scared of disappointing Derek. Marilu, girl, disappointing Derek Hough is my greatest fear, too. Derek wants no fear in her Viennese waltz dedicated to her mother, who died in 1978 — the same year Marilu was cast in Taxi. Marilu’s mother was a woman who loved dance and movement, so Marilu wants to be her mother out on the dance floor. The judges are right: Marilu is a different woman in the ballroom. She is graceful and dances with ease. There is a fluidity of movement that wasn’t there before. Most importantly, Marilu is relaxed. Mama Henner would be proud.

Marilu was able to get out of her own head this week and just dance. Her memorable year was 1978, for both the best and worst reasons: her mother passed away, and she was cast in “Taxi.” She says it’s the show that changed her life, and career. And the last bit of advice Marilu remembers getting from her mother was to never hold herself back. The judges all joined her after the dance for a group hug. Carrie Ann got a little philosophical and told Marilu that she had stopped TRYING to be great, and allowed herself to simply be great.

One of those gorgeous tearjerkers that ended in hugs from the judges. We should have known this would be a non-elimination week! 

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