Updated & Reminder: Watch Derek Hough on Blair Underwood’s “Give” Show tomorrow

Despite our last time’s confusion in matter of when exactly Derek’s episode would air, it seems that it WILL air tomorrow since the previous weekend, the first episode of “Give” aired on NBC. So normally, the schedule goes on with Derek’s episode. So, based on TV Guide, be sure to tune in on NBC tomorrow at 12pm (ET)

Let’s hope the whole confusion for our previous post below is cleared and we will get to see a familiar blond guy on our screens… 😉 We’ll have the episode posted as soon as we get it during the weekend.

Derek Hough News

On September 3rd, Derek posted on his Snapchat a little teaser about a new show that he will be a part of on October. The show is called “Give” and it is Blair Underwood’s project. As we mentioned in our first post about it, the show will air on NBC on October 7, 2016 (Note: Scroll down for update)

In a new interview for Yahoo, Blair gives more details about the show. Below is an excerpt, but for more info be sure to check the interview. Thanks HappyHough for the heads up!

You have another new show coming up — Give — on NBC’s Saturday morning schedule. I got teary just watching the sizzle reel of the series, which will help viewers get to know a lot of smaller charities that make huge impacts in their communities. How did the series come about?
I am so excited about this show. It premieres…

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