Derek Hough in motion equals fans’ emotions – VIDEOS

Yes! This is exactly what the titles says: Derek in motion means a wide range of emotions for us, fans! Now, aside from the visual impact Derek has on us, it is important not to forget the message Derek is always trying to send, and that is MOTION equals EMOTION! He is a very active and healthy man and he encourages his fans to be the same.

Starting with December 2015, we gathered all the videos Derek and in some cases, family members or friends, posted on their Instagram accounts showcasing exactly this: live a life full of emotions and enjoy every single second of it!

In case you missed it, or you simply want to relive those awesome Derek moments in motion, be sure to check our three pages (Part IPart IIPart III)!

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About Elara

In February 2012 i started a little twitter account named TeamMariaDerek. As time went by, four amazing girls joined the team and we are now team Derek Hough News! Why Derek…? Because i think that Derek Hough is the most amazing dancer i have ever seen, the best choreographer of his generation - now two times EMMY WINNER for Outstanding Choreography, an incredible singer, actor and songwriter — The perfect artist! The only true heir of Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire! Oh.. did i mention he is also a beautiful person inside and out? Well… that is Derek Hough — my point of view!

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