Derek Hough: “Dance is universal and a language that everyone understands”

Hmm…when I first posted this few weeks ago, there was no video on the link. Now that I ran into the article again, I saw that there is this beautiful video of Derek talking about dancing. Probably they updated it later 😉

If you missed it too, be sure to check People again. We’ll update with an international version later on…


And here is an international version of the video.


Derek Hough News

In a new interview/segment with People, Derek talks about dance and how it affects your body and life. Many of the things he says we heard him saying many times but, I really loved the part I am adding below.

The article is a reference to Derek’s “I Am Dancer Against Cancer” involvement and helping others. Be sure to read the whole article on People.

“What I absolutely love about dance is that it’s universal. It’s a language that everybody understands. You can be from any part of the world but there’s something about dance that brings people together. It’s a human activity that is sort of instinctual.”

Courtesy: People Magazine

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2 thoughts on “Derek Hough: “Dance is universal and a language that everyone understands”

  1. I love when Derek talks about dance being the universal language . It reminds me of someone else we all knew and love(d). I like to call Derek Hough “the white Michael Jackson”. I hope die hard Michael fans won’t be offended by this. I mean it in the most loving and sincere way possible💟💟


    • I don’t think they will…at least I hope! MJ himself was fan of Derek’s. He was his favorite pro on the show. 🙂 And he is so right about being a universal language. Dance is emotions…you don’t need to talk. You can express your feelings through the movement…a language that everyone understands!


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