Derek Hough blogs: “With Marilu it’s different than my previous partners, so I’m adjusting”

In this week’s blog with TV Guide, Derek explains how Marilu is different than his previous partners due to her amazing memory, and that he is adjusting to her in a different way, hopefully that this week they can make it happen.

He also talks about his Tuesday performance of “Kairos” and of course Sasha and Emma’s engagement! He is so sweet! 😀 As for what he says about any upcoming special performance, I sure hope we will get to see more!

Below some excerpts of the blog, be sure to check it on TV Guide!

I’m going to take a different approach this week with Marilu. I want to have the movement come from her and have it be authentic and organic from her body. I’ll just be there to guide it. […] With the Viennese waltz, we’re going to crank up the fluidity and the softness.

What I’ve learned as well is, I give her all this information and with her memory, she holds all the information, so she’s carrying all this stuff in her mind. If you think about all of it, it’s heavy. […] I want to take that load off and that weight she’s carrying. I’m going to be very minimal in the things I say this week. It’s a different strategy. I know I have a certain formula that has worked for me really well with my partners in the past. With her, it’s different, so I’m adjusting and adapting, and hopefully we can make it happen this week.

2 thoughts on “Derek Hough blogs: “With Marilu it’s different than my previous partners, so I’m adjusting”

  1. Just a thought here, but I don’t think Marilu gives up mental control so easily. I wonder if Mama Shirley Ballas could assist. Shirley could freeze them mid-dance and point out the tension in her body, for example. She could even serve as a “mature lady” example of what Marilu should aspire toward, and I think Marilu needs that. Finally, I think it would make for great TV…. I’m imagining Derek telling fan-girl Marilu “You think I’m the best? You ain’t see nothing yet. Here is MY teacher!”


    • Yeah, it must be really difficult for her to do that. We, people with normal memory and we do it difficult. I can’t imagine how it must be with her. Derek is trying to figure out how to do it and I like his approach this week. Let’s all hope that it will work out for them and that Marilu will manage to feel more and think less during their performance. The theme might also help… Shirley could assist. I am sure if Derek feels like he needs her, she will be there for him 🙂


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