New interview of Derek Hough with LuxeGetaways talking about traveling

We all know by now how much Derek loves traveling, discovering new places and moving! That’s why he was also partnered with Hilton Hotels to promote traveling and encourage dreamers to become doers!

In a new interview with LuxeGetaways, Derek talks about traveling and is giving tips about it so people can enjoy their trips even more. He also talks about upcoming projects and more. Below some excerpts of the interview but, be sure to read it all on LuxeGetaways.

Visualize your Goals: Visualization is so important to me both professionally and personally, so of course I use this technique when planning my travels. […] Stop dreaming and make it happen – get started with a vision board today.

Surround yourself with doers: If you still need a push to make your dreams – travel or otherwise – a reality, surround yourself with achievers. These ‘doers’ actively make time to pursue their passions, so soak up all the insights and inspiration you can from them. You’ll be surprised by how quickly you move from dreaming to doing.

About his projects… “I’ll be performing in ‘Hairspray Live‘ as Corny Collins this December and at the same time re-joining the cast of Dancing with the Stars.

I am also partnering with my sister, Julianne, for what we call MOVE Interactive. We host high energy, pop up fitness classes – from group hikes to dance classes to runs – throughout the LA area to get people active and moving. They’re a great way to meet new people and just have a blast while working out.”

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