Marilu Henner & Derek Hough – Post Week 4 Media [ARTICLES]

Good morning everyone!! Last night was a difficult one for #TeamHennergy since their score brought them second to last from bottom 😦 They deserved better scores! And don’t forget there is DOUBLE elimination tonight! Marilu and Derek need us more than ever this time!

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Below some articles covering the evening…

It was a Paso doble for Marilu and Derek Hough. He was honest with his partner and told him his big worry with her is consistency. She’ll do great in a rehearsal, and then the next time around she’s stumbling. Julianne encouraged Marilu to get out of her head and feel the dance just don’t do the dance; Carrie Ann let her know she has everything it takes for the win – grace, agility, fitness, expressiveness. She just needs to learn to combine it all and bring it to the ballroom. Carrie Ann also thinks Marilu is dancing NEXT TO Derek rather than WITH him. Deep stuff!

In Marilu Henner’s video package, she talked about how she has a condition called Highly Superior Autobiographical Memory, which allows her to remember random (and seemingly useless) details about her life (like what the weather was on a specific day a decade ago), but interferes with her ability to remember dance steps she learned five minutes ago. Derek Hough was clearly struggling to keep Marilu on task as they practiced, and she was openly frustrated they’d been stuck in the 7 range for a while now.
Unfortunately, they didn’t break into the 8s tonight. Derek noted that Marilu had “trouble with consistency,” and their routine was pretty rough this evening. Julianne urged Marilu to “think less and feel more,” which Marilu seemed determined to do — though it’s unclear if she can.

Ha ha! Derek! This guy just goes for it and he was decked out like the Lone Ranger in Wonderland as put together by Baz Luhrmann redoing Ziggy Stardust. And boy was he fabulous in this routine! And with the fire jets and flag dancers all over the stage, I couldn’t even see how Marilu did. Everything else was too powerful around her. And at the end she shot a flag like an arrow and killed Derek? I don’t know what the story behind this dance was, but I dug it. Still not ever going to see a Cirque Du Soleil show, though.

After last week’s unfair dance-off that placed Marilu and Derek in jeopardy, the twosome needed plenty of help this week, especially going into a double elimination night. To their credit, they delivered, except the judges agreed that Marilu was a little too much in her head and needs to relax next week. If there is a next week. (Note from me: There WILL be!)

Poor Marilu was one of tonight’s biggest sufferers of the “Too Much Stuff” disease. The other dancers were distracting, Derek’s makeup was distracting, and there was an awful lot of fire. The dancing was cool from what we could see, but it got a little lost in the theatrics.


Marilu talked to Fox News after the show…here is what they write on their article:

Marilu Henner wound up with a score of 21, while Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds got the lowest score, a dismal 18 for his tango with Allison Holker. […] Henner told FOX411 after the show as Derek Hough looked on, “I was disappointed in the scores that we got…I guess the judges didn’t see something they really wanted. It kind of makes me sad. I have no answers right now.””

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