Derek Hough & Marilu Henner – Week 4 – Results show [PICS & VIDEOS]

Attention!! This post contains SPOILERS!!

Only an hour away from tonight’s epic show with double Derek (ADORE!) but also double elimination (Yikes)! Tom tweeted that we’ll have a shocking elimination….I believe we’ll be safe but…crossing fingers!

And of course…we all know by now that Derek will present one of his many passion projects he is working on for the last few months! We can’t wait to see KAIROS live!! 😀 Earlier, Derek released a great “Behind the Scenes” video featuring Lindsey Stirling, the amazing violinist and composer who collaborated with Derek on this project!

Stay tuned for a quick one hour full of Derek and…crossing fingers for the magic words “You are safe” for Team Hennergy! Below some first pictures of the night, we’ll be updating with more and with videos during the show so…be sure to keep an eye on the post.

Some first videos of Derek rehearsing from Marilu and Ryan…we’ll have all the snapchat posts of the show up from both days tomorrow 😉



And here is our team Backstage and the moment they were called safe!



What is more to say after that performance??!! DEREK.. you are a creative GENIUS!! See Derek in the amazing Kairos performance in the video below!!



The intro of the night and the video of pros talking about the pressure of putting a routine together in only few days.

2 thoughts on “Derek Hough & Marilu Henner – Week 4 – Results show [PICS & VIDEOS]

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