Derek Hough featured in this and next week’s magazines – TV Guide & Us Weekly

As you can see below, Derek is featured in the next week’s issue of TV Guide magazine, as well as in the October 10, 2016 issue of Us Weekly! Thanks to our friend Jennie, we have the screenshots. We are sure you want to see what Derek, Jules and Tom had to say, so be sure to pick them up during the week 🙂

Thank you Jennie for sending us these!
Be sure to open the images in new window/tab or simply click “View full size” in the gallery, so you can see them full size. It is worth it! 😉

  • TV Guide – October 3, 2016

The issue is featuring the Advocacy Awards, and in its pages you can see Derek along with his dad, as well as Kym and Robert.
It also includes an interview with Tom by John Russell. There is no Derek there but, we love Tom so… 🙂

  • Us Weekly – October 10, 2016

The issue features a short interview with Derek and Julianne, talking about their “Move Interactive” project and how they came up with the idea. Derek says that next year they are planning a big project, “Move Experience”, and they want it to feel like a seminar with health, fitness and dance. Sounds like another amazing Hough project!

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