Team Hennergy’s rehearsals LIVE on the DWTS’ FB

As DWTS nice put it .. we are in luck!! On the official DWTS page you can see Team Hennergy’s rehearsals LIVE…well, at least a sneak peek of the two of them dancing in the last one and a half minute. They look amazing! And yes… Derek is speaking Spanish.. and Marilu French! 😀 They also answer some questions! Very interesting and very funny!

Derek also tells us their song for next week’s PASO. The song is named “Battlefield” and you can hear it below!

UPDATE: A Daily Motion version of the interview also added at the bottom of the post 🙂


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About Elara

In February 2012 i started a little twitter account named TeamMariaDerek. As time went by, four amazing girls joined the team and we are now team Derek Hough News! Why Derek…? Because i think that Derek Hough is the most amazing dancer i have ever seen, the best choreographer of his generation - now two times EMMY WINNER for Outstanding Choreography, an incredible singer, actor and songwriter — The perfect artist! The only true heir of Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire! Oh.. did i mention he is also a beautiful person inside and out? Well… that is Derek Hough — my point of view!

3 thoughts on “Team Hennergy’s rehearsals LIVE on the DWTS’ FB

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  2. He said the song for his tuesday’s performance. It’s an original where he contributed with Lindsey Stirling and he will tap. I’m so excited for this.I’m sure it will be amazing


    • Yep, he also said that! 🙂 We are SO excited for this number and we can’t wait to see it! Derek’s choreography…original song from Derek…and tapping…? What more to ask!?


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