Marilu Henner and Derek Hough – Post Week 3 media [ARTICLES]

I hope you are still voting online on ABC and/or Facebook for Marilu and Derek!

They were amazing last night but…didn’t get the immunity. And with only six couples under the “jeopardy” label, anyone could go home! So be sure to VOTE!

Below some article coverage of the night. Most of them are in “Laurie’s side” but, we already know she is a fan favorite 😉 The girl is good and…cute! Having said that, not sure if I agree with everything they write but…OK.

ETA: An interview of Marilu and Derek from Fox News added at the bottom of the post. Interesting one and what they say about last night…be sure to read it.

Marilu and Derek draw a tough card this week, and they both know it. Derek’s hopeful they can use Marilu’s maturity to their advantage and really showcase it in their own tango. This tango has no lasers, which automatically brings it down a few points, but Marilu isn’t half bad. She’s not as sharp as Laurie, but Derek is wearing a velvet vest. It’s a draw! Just kidding, Laurie was obviously the better of the two.

This was also a supremely unfair match, because Laurie’s a magical dancing deer who floats high above the rest of the competition, no matter how good they are. Marilu’s tango was good, but not Laurie good.

Wait, what are the rules with using lasers? Because you should ALWAYS USE LASERS. Laurie is the clear favorite here, but I’m not sure the tango is her best dance because as the saying goes, it takes… AWAY FROM THE LAURIE OF IT ALL! But because this is an overall dancing competition, it’s necessary for her. And she was fine! I just like to see her have a bit more of the stage to herself. Marilu and Derek went a lot more subdued, as expected, and it fit the maturity that Derek wanted to contrast. But this was leading a lamb to slaughter, let’s face it. Also, after the dance, Laurie said she added emotion to her dance by pretending she was smelling a really good quesadilla. I want to put her in my pocket.

This is exactly why the dance-off was ridiculous. As good as Marilu and Derek are, they were never going to beat Laurie and Val, who were ready to walk off with the mirrorball yesterday.
Against anyone else, Marilu and Derek’s gorgeous tango would have awarded them immunity. Against, Laurie and Val…well, sorry guys.

Lastly, when former “Taxi” star Marilu Henner and Laurie Hernandez dueled in the tango, the gymnast came out on top.

Henner, who got 28 points, shrugged of her live performance, “I was disappointed in losing it. Dress rehearsal was so great…I felt kind of sad that I blew it at the end.”

Her partner Derek Hough admitted, “It kind of fell apart a little bit, in the standard of knowing what she’s capable of. We’ve got to find consistency.” With Henner laughing that it wasn’t true, Hough remarked that she is “very ADD…distracted by lots of different things.”

Hough loved the “Face Off” concept, telling reporters, “It’s a clever way to get everybody to dance in an hour. Also, it goes to show that half the show is the judges talking. That was weird not hearing them talk.”

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