More info about Derek Hough on Blair Underwood’s “Give” Show

On September 3rd, Derek posted on his Snapchat a little teaser about a new show that he will be a part of on October. The show is called “Give” and it is Blair Underwood’s project. As we mentioned in our first post about it, the show will air on NBC on October 7, 2016 (Note: Scroll down for update)

In a new interview for Yahoo, Blair gives more details about the show. Below is an excerpt, but for more info be sure to check the interview. Thanks HappyHough for the heads up!

You have another new show coming up — Give — on NBC’s Saturday morning schedule. I got teary just watching the sizzle reel of the series, which will help viewers get to know a lot of smaller charities that make huge impacts in their communities. How did the series come about?
I am so excited about this show. It premieres October 1, and we will do 26 episodes. This was an idea that was brought to me by my business partner, Gary Reeves. We went to Anthony Melikhov, who founded an organization called Unite4:Good. He’s a phenomenal philanthropist, and he said, “Yeah, I love this, I’ll finance this. I want you to produce it.” ‪I said, “Okay.” It’s about getting a team together: 30 minutes, one celebrity — like Derek Hough — two charities. We see the work the charities are doing, where they may have a need, and by the end of the show we give them some assistance. Jenna Bush Hager is hosting it for us. She’s in every episode. I’ll do at least three episodes as a celebrity ambassador, and I’ll come back and do some deliberations.

We always love seeing the celebrities getting involved in charity, so we are excited to see this show!


While trying to find information about what time “Give” will air, we noticed that the premiere (October 1) was moved to October 8, 2016 due to a big Golf tournament that takes place during the first weekend of October.
Due to this, we are not sure when exactly Derek’s episode will air…October 8 or 15? Logic says October 15 but be sure to tune in (we will!) on NBC on October 8 at 12pm (ET) for the premiere just in case 😉 If we find more info about Derek’s episode, we’ll sure keep you updated.

And few more details about the show from the press release:

Give introduces viewers to the world of philanthropy through the stories of small charities making a big impact. The series features NBC News correspondent and the founder of UNICEF’s Next Generation Jenna Bush Hager, esteemed actor Blair Underwood, and passionate celebrity philanthropists from film, television, music, sports, and business who are all on a mission to inspire others to do good. In each episode one of these celebrity ambassadors will visit two charities that use innovation, best practices, and dedication for change in their communities and the world. With the help of some of the country’s top foundations, we’ll meet these inspiring individuals to see how they do it through the eyes of our celebrity ambassadors.

6 thoughts on “More info about Derek Hough on Blair Underwood’s “Give” Show

  1. This is my second time watching give on NBC I am the Executive Director of Desert Stages Theatre in Scottsdale Arizona I was overwhelmed by Derek Hough’s visit to Everybody Dance!
    He brought such a positive vibe to the great job that the executive directors are doing for those children I was overwhelmed and it brought me again to tears.
    I especially liked when the shot where they handed the check to the two directors and behind them it said motion =emotion
    Signed Derek Hough
    Running a non profit is an emense undertaking and when funding doesn’t come, can be utterly devastating to
    our actors and entire community.
    This show is a way for the smaller charities who need funding just as much as the the bigger national ones who have promotional budgets which can continually raise funds to have a chance to be heard.
    I applaud Blair Underwood, Derek Hough, and The Rosimund and Arthur Gilbert Foundation for funding these
    We at DST have been trying to raise 450 thousand dollars for phase one of our capital campaign because we are being asked to scare our current space to make way for 215 story condos after renting our current location for 11 out of 22 years of making theatrical magic for our community.
    Thanks for listening and for all you do to help those who provide joy and life changes to their communities
    Laurie Cullity
    Desert Stages Theatre


  2. I am watching the premiere of GIVE, as I write this. KUDOS to Blair, Derek, and all involved with the production of this tremendous program. To feature community programs which make many differences in people’s lives is great. But to turn these ‘visits’ into charitable donations is FABULOUS!


  3. Reblogged this on Derek Hough News and commented:

    Despite our confusion the last time in matter of when exactly Derek’s episode would air, as it seems it WILL air tomorrow.

    The previous Saturday, the first episode of “Give” aired on NBC so normally, the schedule goes on with Derek’s episode. So be sure to tune in on NBC tomorrow at 12pm (ET)!

    Let’s hope the whole confusion for our previous post below is cleared after the premiere and we will get to see a familiar blond guy on our screens… 😉


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