Part of Derek Hough and Big Man Productions videos released at the Emmy Awards

What a treat to wake up with! Seems like part of the videos that Derek is working on along with Big Man productions these past few months, was shown/released at the Creative Emmy Awards but unfortunately was cut from TV!!

And man….this footage is amazing!!! So hot!! Thanks BigMan for this treat!! As I can see, it’s from two of the projects they made till now, the “Love in colors” and “Kairos”. Hope I am not missing any… We can’t wait to see the full versions of them along with the rest ones!

We’ll sure check the unedited version of the night on to get a Daily Motion version and if there is anything more of Derek in it 😉


Finally, managed to watch the full show and edit the video(s) on Daily Motion version. As Marilu says (part that was also cut from the TV Version) it’s impossible to define Derek Hough in 30 seconds!

Derek’s choice of words for his video…outstanding!! You can tell he feels every one of them and you can understand his passion for dance… #MotionEqualsEmotion I want to say this and it’s not because I am biased…out of all the 30 seconds videos I’ve seen during the ceremony, Derek’s was the best one and most creative by far. It seemed like he was the only one who took it seriously 😉

Check out below both videos with scenes that were cut from the TV Version. For the full nominees and speeches, you can watch this video. Thanks again BigMan for these and for the new shot from KAIROS project…literally can’t wait for the full versions!


Another still shot from a soon to be released project with @derekhough

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