Brooks Laich is all-in for #TeamHennergy and he would love to do DWTS one day

Sean Fitzgerald from 24 hours Toronto talks with Brooks in a new interview about hockey, moving to Toronto and many more. Of course Sean couldn’t not ask him about Dancing with the Stars and if he would think of doing the show. His answer is of course yes. As for who he supports..? Marilu and Derek!

And how sweet he talks about Julianne!! Loved it! Be sure to read the whole interview on 24 hours Toronto.

After hockey’s done, would you ever consider competing on Dancing With the Stars?
I would really love to do it if I could dance with my fiancée on it. But I don’t know if she would ever go back on as a dancer. I actually really love to dance, but I’m not good at it. I’ve never learned the technical way to dance. It’s actually very difficult to do. Jules has taught me little bits and pieces, but I would actually really like to learn how to properly do it, just sort of to honour her.

Do you have any early predictions of who might take the mirror ball trophy onDWTS this year?
I always pull for [future brother-in-law] Derek Hough, obviously. This year, I’m on Team Henergy. There are some other good competitors — Gleb Savchenko and Jana Kramer will be tough to beat. But make no mistake about it, I’m Team Henergy. Derek and Marilu Henner. I’m all-in for them, all season long.

About Julianne…

She’s the light of my life, dude. She’s such a special human. Just a beautiful soul. She’s very kind, very loving, very generous, and very talented. She’s so great with people. And she’s an amazing fiancée. I could talk about her all day.

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