Derek Hough writes on challenging Foxtrot week, Marilu & who they are paired against for next week

The new blog of Derek with TV Guide is out and Derek – as Maks did – explains what will happen next week.

Our team is paired against Laurie and Val and they are dancing the Tango.

He writes about how challenging last week was with the “Taxi” theme song for a Foxtrot and how amazing Marilu did. Of course he is proud of her as we all are! He also talks about Jake and Ryan. Below the excerpt of the blog where he talks about next week but be sure to read all on TV Guide. Good luck to all the couples!

I do love our music this week for our tango. It’s awesome and I think it’s going to be good. Next week’s show is going to be a little crazy. Monday is a one-hour show because of the debate, so we have to try to get all the dances in in a short amount of time. It’s not exactly a dance-off, but everyone is paired off, so one person will dance and the other will go on stage and dance right after. Everyone will be scored and whoever scores highest in each pair will be immune from elimination. So, six people will be immune and six people will be up for elimination. It’s all about match-ups this week — someone who might be eliminated otherwise could be immune just because of the pairs.

We are paired opposite Laurie and Val — the leaders! So we have our work cut out for us! I don’t know how they paired everyone off. The producers just put it together. I think part of it is to have the youngest girl to go up against the eldest.

2 thoughts on “Derek Hough writes on challenging Foxtrot week, Marilu & who they are paired against for next week

    • You are right on that but unfortunately we can’t control how the producers make their choices. Derek is the king of the Tangos so…we are sure he will give Marilu an amazing choreography! And she will dance to it perfectly! They will sure do their best. If they get immunity, it will be great. If not, we are all here to vote for them and help them go through 🙂


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