Marilu Henner: “Derek Hough goes for the light and he is so focused”

What a beautiful interview of Marilu with Parade Magazine! You can tell that she is excited about the show and also…how lovely things she says about Derek! She also talks about her movie “In-Lawfully Yours” and more. Below is an excerpt of the interview but be sure to click the link to read the whole thing.

Is there confidence in working with a the most winning pro in the show’s history?
“Oh my gosh, well certainly confidence in terms of that, but you also feel like.. ‘Oh boy, he always takes his partners pretty far, and if I don’t make it then it’s going to be my fault!’ And the bar just got so much higher. I have a personal gold bar anyway, but with Derek it’s even higher. I was so thrilled to get him.[…]

You’ve been working with Derek for a few weeks now, what is something that most people wouldn’t know about him?
“I think he is so kind and so loving, he goes for the light, which I love about him. He is so focused and so myopic in a way about dance, and he knows so much about dance. He’s like a sweet guy from Salt Lake City, Utah, which is also where my husband is from.

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