Marilu Henner discusses Dancing with the Stars, her new movie and more in new interviews

Except form the interview on the Buzz Adams Morning Show, there are three more interviews of Marilu where she talks about Dancing with the Stars, her new movie and more.

First, two radio interviews…
One with DKM-Show that was aired yesterday. She talks about their Foxtrot and mentions that Derek changed the song to a “big band song” to fit their dance style, the other contestants and how they start to get to know each other and many more. For Derek she says that “he is phenomenal and everything you want him to be and as nicest as can be”
The other one is with KSON-FM and it aired today. They discuss about Monday’s incident and the protesters, Dancing with the Stars and more.
You can listen to both by clicking the links and we’ll try to have international versions up later tonight or tomorrow.
NOTE: International version videos added at the end of the post

The third one is a written interview with Gospel Herald [Part 1] [Part 2].
The first part focuses on Dancing with the Stars, where Marilu reveals that she wanted to do the show so bad that she was praying for it. She even asked Candace Cameron Bure (she was a contestant back in Season 18) to pray for her to get on the show.
The second part focuses on her new movie, “In-Lawfully Years” which was released on DVD on September 6.
Below are some excerpts from both parts but, be sure to click on the links to read the whole articles.

“[Candace] told me every detail about what it’s like, from the hair and makeup to the wardrobe. She told me to make sure I took care of myself – don’t do too much,” Henner recalled “Let’s face it, I’m the kind of person who believes, ‘Why do when you can over-do?’ But, I’m glad that I’m sort of pacing myself and that Candace gave me that great advice, because you could get hurt if you’re not careful. It’s a whole new set of muscles – it’s so different than anything I’ve ever done.”

“It was a very different character than I’ve played before, because…I usually play very upbeat characters,” Henner revealed. “But, I relished the challenge. We lost our dad very young, so I saw what my mom was like and what she went through, packing up his stuff and everything, and how it was such a difficult time for her. So, I felt like I had a lot to draw from.”


And here are the international version videos of Marilu’s two interviews.

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