Derek Hough writes on Monday’s protesters, Marilu Henner’s performance and Week 2 dance & song

The new blog of Derek about the premiere and upcoming week is out and of course he couldn’t not to talk about what happened during the Monday show and those Ryan protesters, and I personally couldn’t agree more with everything he says.

Talking about Week 2, he reveals that Marilu and he are dancing their Foxtrot to the theme of “Taxi”. Is anyone surprised here? 😉 And in case you missed it, they will feature some tap dancing into it! Derek says that he struggled a little bit with the music but…we all know the results when this happens to Derek… We can’t wait to see it!

Be sure to go to TV Guide to read all of his blog because it’s really a great one.

“Everyone was very shaken up about it, especially, obviously Ryan and Cheryl. I talked to Ryan after and basically said, “Forget them. They’re idiots. You did a great job.” Regardless of what you think of Ryan and his Olympics scandal, there was absolutely no reason for anyone to do have done this to him or anyone else. People have already been punished. What else do you want? I don’t really know Ryan that well. I’ve been around him a little bit here and there. He seems like a nice guy. He made a mistake. He messed up. A white lie got ahead of him. My thing is people are so quick to judge. They suddenly forget all the good things people do. You do one bad thing and suddenly it’s like nothing else you ever did matters. […]

[…] This week, we have the foxtrot and it’s going well so far. We’re dancing to the theme from Taxi. One hand, it’s awesome because it’s an iconic song and obviously the show was a huge part of Marilu’s life. But musically, it’s not the best thing to dance to for a foxtrot. I’ve struggled a little bit this week getting inspired because of that. I’ve been working with our band and everyone to see how we could tweak the song so it’d be more fitting for a foxtrot. So we’ll see how it goes!”

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