New post-premiere interview of Marilu Henner & Derek Hough, All Access Jive comments and more

Access Hollywood also reported on the incident that happened during the premiere of the show. After the show, they talked to Derek who explains his reaction while he also says that Julianne was worried about him. His answer to her is hilarious and as always…he tries to make people laugh and be positive. Our love and admiration for him is even bigger after what happened and…we are so proud of our man!
You can watch him at about 2:20 of the first video. Marilu’s part of interview is on the second video and you can see her at about 1:00.

Also, we are adding below the All Access Jive comments by Kym and Dominic. Kym is amazing and we hope to have her often on All Access during the season.

And last, one more recap of the whole night by Yahoo TV. Here is what they say about Marilu and Derek but click on the link to read about all the couples.

“Six-time mirrorball champion Hough is back, and no one’s a bigger fan than his partner. The Taxi actress generously compared Derek to Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, Bob Fosse, and Sting. “I would have said Jesus, but: trouble,” she added. Derek thanked Marilu by dipping back way farther than she ever could during what Bruno called a “barnstorming jive.” But give the lady time: It’s only Week 1.”

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