Marilu Henner & Derek Hough – Post Week 1 Media [PICTURES]

Dancing with the Stars officially kicked off last night and the first dance is over! What a beautiful night of dancing that was!
Marilu and Derek were amazing! Be sure to check our post from last night to see their dance and other videos and pictures from the live show. Unfortunately there was an incidence too during the night and many media focus on that instead of dancing…glad that the situation was solved quickly and as you’ll see below, Derek played a big part on it! So proud to be Derek’s fan!

Voting closes at 8pm (ET) so, be sure to keep voting for #TeamHennergy online on ABC and Facebook! International fans MUST use a VPN address to be able to vote! We have instructions here.

Below some amazing pictures of the night…for articles and videos, you can click here and here respectively.

Getty has some stunning pictures of TeamHennergy’s performance and more. Unfortunately we can’t embed them so, be sure to check the link for all of them.

You can also check the galleries on ABC7 [Behind the scenes] & [Performances] as well as on Disney ABC Press (scroll down to the “episodic” section and load till you find TeamHennergy)


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